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Excavating Services at K&D Enterprise LLC Services in the Finger Lakes Region

Although we specialize in excavation, K&D Enterprise is proud to offer a variety of other services as well. Below you will find a list of our alternative services as well as a brief description of each. Should you find that you have questions about any of our services, please do not hesitate to reach out! Our contact information is listed below as well.

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Oftentimes the start of a new project is slowed or halted by the demolition of an existing structure. Because we hate roadblocks, a service that we are proud to offer you is demolition. When you call us and explain the project you are planning, we will assess what kind of demolition is necessary and which piece of our equipment would be best suited. Some demolition projects that we regularly encounter are tree and stump removal, driveway removal, structure removal, materials recycling or reclaiming, full residential or commercial take down demolitions, and fire clean up. The team that you will be greeted with for a demolition project includes our demolition contractor and a team of demolition experts. Everyone that will be assigned to your job are highly trained individuals that are committed to your safety and satisfaction.



Are you trying to clear a space for a new driveway that you are installing? We all love to have somewhere nice to park our cars! If this sounds like you, give us a call today because one service that we regularly provide is the clearing of driveway areas to be laid. We can handle trees, excess soil, stumps, debris, etc. We will clear this for you and then furthermore, refer you to some top of line driveway specialists that we feel are best suited to your needs.


Some services that are often associated with excavation (our specialty) are the installation, maintenance, and repair of septic services and water lines. Because of this, we make sure to keep ourselves up to date and abreast of the newest advancements in these industries. Both septic systems and water lines are vital and costly components to your property. At K&D Enterprise, we realize this and promise to be conscious of such things upon your consultation. Our excavation contractor will come to your site and assess exactly what is necessary and promptly provide you with a quote. Once this is complete we can begin to service your septic system and water lining needs!

septic systems
brush work


A brush hog is a special mower that we attach to our equipment in order to help clear brush, fields, large weed ridden areas, and create a space for your new build. This is another service we are proud to offer and when you call us with a description of your project, we can further assess if use of the brush hog will be necessary. This is a service that is efficient in both fuel and time.


A service that is often overlooked but is undoubtedly necessary proves our water runoff control. When floods, excess rain, or just unforeseen accumulation of water occurs problems involving extensive water damage become a real possibility. In hopes of protecting you, we began offering this service to avoid this potentially costly water damage. If you see a buildup of excessive water on your property, please promptly give us a call so that we can work to remove this for you immediately.

water runoff
trench and ditch


As is usually expected with excavation, we are fully equipped at K&D Enterprise to take on any trench or ditch digging that you require. We also are committed to maintaining work we have done or servicing any existing trenches or ditches. When you call us to detail the project on hand, we will gather your information, speak with our excavation contractor, and come up with a plan (including required equipment) that is specific to you and your needs. Give us a call today to start digging!