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Professional Excavating Services across the Finger Lakes Region

At K&D Enterprise our specialty and main focus is excavation. For those unfamiliar, excavation services include, but are not limited to, the processes of moving soil, rock, and/or other materials with the assistance of our heavy equipment to clear a space. For your assurance, we are professionally trained and proficient in all of the excavating services in the industry.

When you give us a call, we will collect information about your job specifically, and outline a preliminary plan for you. We will then follow up by having one of our excavation specialists come to your area and assess what needs to be excavated and which equipment pieces of ours will be required to do so. During this process, should you have any questions about what exactly is being done, who will be doing the work, any complications you foresee encountering, etc our specialists are highly trained, experienced, competent, and ready to answer. Upon completion of surveying your job we will promptly provide you with an estimate for you to review. Again, we welcome any questions or concerns.



We are regularly approached with excavating endeavors both big and small and are ready to take on anything you may have in mind. Whether you need a space cleared for your driveway, are removing a forested area of your land to begin a new build, or anything in between we have the experts and equipment needed. Don’t worry about any excess soil, stumps, rocks, debris, or anything else either. We have seen it all and are ready! Give us a call and let’s break ground ASAP!



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