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About K&D Enterprise

Located in the heart of the Finger Lakes region, K&D Enterprise is a proud, locally owned, and operated company. We specialize in excavation but boast a variety of other services as well. 

Our main focus here is customer care and satisfaction. When you choose to use K&D Enterprise, you are choosing to put yourself and your project first. We, in turn, will choose to do so as well. We are committed to facilitating a customer friendly environment in which you can pose questions, convey concerns, and walk side by side with us through each step of the process as we work on your property. We routinely receive 5-star reviews and intend to keep it that way!

Also, as a locally owned company, we always want to express our investment in our community. We don’t hesitate to give back to our surrounding area and communities and are always looking for ways in which we can give back. We hope that you choose our team to work with you and give us a call today!


K&D Enterprise Inc.
2837 Swick Road,
Ovid, New York 14521

Phone: (315) 924-1001
Property Services Phone: (315) 924-1001